Luke Mornay – Twenty Five Ten



Executive Producer: Luke Mourinet for Mornay Music
Australia Production Management: PJ Hawn
Album cover painting by: Karolien Deman, Aalst, Belgium.-
Art direction by: Luke Mornay
Cover design by: Ivan Aleksic, Belgrade, Serbia

Luke Mornay, Lucy Pullin, PJ Hawn, Nick Tart, James Atkin, Rachael Atkin, JM Moens, Herbie Crichlow, Craig Armstrong, Kevin Godley, Victor Siva, Rayn , Bechoe.

Over the past two decades, Luke Mornay has shaped his musically driven signature sound around artists from a wide range of genres. this unpredictability not only brought him into unexpected scenes but also brought rave reviews for his work by press and fans of the artists, as well as a grammy award nomination and a couple of #1 records.

From the killers to kylie or from the soulful Amy Winehouse to more obscure projects for composer extraordinaire Craig Armstrong, his interest has always been the challenge to develop new skills on each project, rather than having one sound for everything coming his way.

“I really wanted this record to connect genres, eras & mix generations. somehow connect the dots between timelines in a unified story, with its joyful & bonkers moments, with its own directions & contradictions, or more simply put: my story.

“..When it came to featurings on this album it was a natural choice to me to connect with artists such as Kevin Godley from the legendary band 10cc or James Atkin from EMF, as well as friends made over time such as Lucy Pullin (Craig Armstrong, Robbie Williams, Goldfrapp), Rachael Atkin (Fluke, Beauty School Drop Outs), PJ Hawn,Victor Siva Nick Tart (Diamond Head), Roxy Horner and John Bastianelli. I’m really proud of them and grateful for their generous inputs and help to support my project..”