KYA is about to release her first single which comes from her upcoming Liberosis EP.

« Coming out » is one of five tracks that will feature on the Liberosis EP, which was given the official release date of April 28. The release of Liberosis is set to June 2, the track will be available to both download and stream.

The track is an ode to self-empowerement motivated by the need to share the message that nobody should feel that they don’t deserve to fulfill their wildest dreams. Coming out is much more than standing up for an orientation, it’s also a statement to go and make your dreams come true because it is the most beautiful thing your heart will experience.

An official promo video can be viewed below.


Liberosis means the desire to care less about things oftenly when a persistently stressful situation has been gripping and worrying you for a long time, and you want only to be able to let go yet find yourself unable.

The Liberosis EP’s full tracklisting will be revealed on May 19th, 2 weeks prior to its release.