About us

Fresh & New Player in the game, Mornay Music has a vocation to serve as a springboard for upcoming artists & producers as well as a pool of established professionals. Diversity & mix of genres is our resistance front.

Post Production

Dynamic and self-driven professional team with over 20 years of measurable achievements onto the international scene. Our team offers you the opportunity to have a tailor made remix production for your desired audience as well as Radio Edits for your productions.



If you are looking to license a song for a video, feel free to contact us with your inquiries; for synchronization for Film, TV, Ads, please visit us on KP SYNCLAB.

Mornay Mediaworks

The diversity of clientele and quality of products is the foundation that has made Mornay Media Works what it is today. We develop integrated marketing strategies, product branding and creative tools for our clients. Our services include graphic design, web design & development, audio and video production and more.